Asthma and COPD Review

If you have been advised by the surgery to submit an asthma and COPD review, please use this form. If your symptoms are deteriorating or you are having any concerns, please make an appointment with our Nurse.

Part of this assessment will help us measure the impact that COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) is having on your wellbeing and daily life. Your score will be used by us to help improve the management of your COPD and get the greatest benefit from treatment.

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Asthma and COPD Review

Asthma and COPD Review

About You

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COPD Assessment


I never cough
I cough all the time


I have no phlegm (mucus) in my chest at all
My chest is full of phlegm (mucus)


My chest does not feel tight at all
My chest feels very tight


When I walk up a hill or one flight of stairs I am not breathless
When I walk up a hill or one flight of stairs I am very breathless


I am not limited doing any activities at home
I am very limited doing any activities at home


I am confident leaving my home despite my lung condition
I am not at all confident leaving my home because of my lung condition


I sleep soundly
I don't sleep soundly because of my lung condition


I have lots of energy
I have no energy at all


How would you rate your degree of breathlessness related to activities: *